Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Website!

Like the title says, new website:
Right now it is still the same as the old one, but with help from my beautiful friend Rita back home, I will have a new, slightly less boring website up soon. Also, I will be posting my full thesis imagery up soon, eeee! Life will all make sense soon, now that I have time to think about it. Will be going back to Portugal in May because I realized people who still matter to me so very much are there. Carlos, Rita, Vitor, Navarro, Fa, Andreia, Andre, just to name a few, i am so sorry for the time that I lost contact...I love you all and I know you read this, I will be back soon because I am done with what I came here for, I just need to go home before I come back to finish the rest:) Aurelie...I wish you could be there, I miss you so much...4 years my dear..let's not make that 5! I LOVE YOU!

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