Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Senior Thesis..phew

Finally found the time to upload my senior project at 6am on a Tuesday, guh. The two last images were not included in the show due to the limited wall space but they support the rest as small studies (even though they were done after the big ones). The four main pieces are 20" x 30". Oil on board. Here is the work followed by my artist statement:

Plures Affectus (2008)

The last four years have been of tremendous change for me. Being from Portugal, and having come overseas to pursue my career in art, I have endured cultural differences, a new life, new people and above all, large personal growth. Developing so much as a person and evolving so much in art at the same time has been the most overwhelming and wonderful experience of my life. This is what influenced me to take on these four paintings. It is the final manifestation of my training at this school and my journey through it. I decided I would paint metaphors to depict the obstacles and emotions I underwent. My ultimate goal was to have viewers relate to these paintings, either through the visual forms or the emotions portrayed. They represent feelings everyone has gone through at some point, feelings not necessarily expressible through words, but maybe through art.

I have always been attracted to the gracefulness of the female figure and the concept of love, and all my pieces use this as their principal essence, whether I was thinking of a specific person, a thing, a place or life. I used large scales and bright colors to catch the viewer’s attention, and left the subject matter vague enough to strike curiosity and wonder in the viewer and not have it be solely about my emotions, but about anyone’s. Whether the viewer can draw parallels to their own experiences, or simply find my images to be aesthetically appealing in their design and dynamics, I think I will have accomplished my goal.

Larissa Neto

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Sandra Lucia said...

This was a really fantastic thesis!! I love the painting execution, the brilliant color and of course the motion in the hair. Great Job!!!