Friday, June 13, 2008


Sooo for those who don't know, I am doing the Illustration Academy and it has been wonderful thus far! I suppose I will update this thing weekly as I am doing an Illustration per week, in addition to figure drawing. Unless it is terrible in which case I will not show anyone. Here is the first project given by Mark English ("Slice of Life", we were supposed to do an illustration based solely on shape, value and color without rendering and we were to simply convey Florida, or Sarasota I guess, I decided to Illustrate Amish people going to the beach since there is a huge Amish community in Sarasota and I have in fact witnessed their beach going. Sort of low quality image by the way, will upload better one later) and also here are figure drawings that are not the horribly embarrassing ones. My 5 minutes of free time are up, until next week!

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Anonymous said...

Nice stuff! Cool drawings, you really adapted well to the acadmy style of drawing. It was a major challenge for me I remember. Really like the Amish piece, what a good assignment. It really teaches a lot about just what makes an image. Keep it up and have fun.

Oh yeah I'll be dropping in the studios pretty soon here, so be on the look out!