Sunday, July 20, 2008

Academy Ends

So the Academy ended and it was way sadder and way more climactic than graduation. I met wonderful people who I hoped I could have gotten to know better but it is great to know that most of those people will be doing the Academy again next summer which I will be doing again also, unless I die or get a job in a land far far away. This last week was a bit messy so all I had time to do was a small figure painting from a black and white photo I found. I also uploaded newer better versions of all the images below that I did in the academy. Next step, San Diego ComicCon and then Santa Fe to visit my friend Bizia! So exciting!


Raven Herrera said...

Great little head, much different than what I saw in the studio, miss u much girl, hope the con was awsome.

Anonymous said...

Hit up some canvases with trees? Well it sounds dangerous and kind of destructive, but I'm willing to try it. Have fun in San Diego.