Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I basically don't know what to do with myself until I go to Florida for the thesis show of my buddies so I decided to whip up a few portraits of people I know in Santa Fe. I am doing portraits of Bizia, Jaimy and my manager Cecily and that should keep me busy until its time to give Kyler hugs and see sweet work. I have my first art show in Albuquerque this Friday so I am very excited about that, if you are in town make sure to head over to the Master Works Exhibition at the Expo of NM this Friday from 5-8pm. Here is a sneak peak of my progress on the Bizia painting, about 40% done I would say. Cheers.


Dustin dArnault said...

Hey Larissa long time no hear, I can't wait to see you at thesis! I really dig this painting, you say your 40% done but I think your almost 90! Just render out those eyes a bit, a few specs on the rest of the face and your image is complete!!! Don't bother rendering everything out, you don't need to its beautiful as is, look at some Bernie Fuchs paintings to see what I am talking about! Miss ya


peter carlson said...

was just about to say reminds me of Bernie Fuchs!

really diggin this.

Francis Vallejo said...

real nice Larissa! Can't wait to see you guys, I anticipate a lot of thumbs up...make sure you practice!!!!

robyn hyzy said...

Lovely piece! Have to say I agree with Dustin, I looked at this and thought it was mostly done.

Just pop out some focal points and you're good to go!

Miss you lots! You coming to the Academy again this summer?