Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy times

So it's been a crazy month thus far. I spent the first two weeks of May in Florida with Kyler to check out the senior show, hook up with old buddies and play at Disney, we had a great time. Now I am back in Santa Fe where my sister is currently visiting, I am entertaining her at the moment but start a new job at a Salon on Monday after having quit Claire's. I need to be working a less stressful job that wont affect my art making and also I will meet higher class people who could potentially lead me to the next best thing. Here are a few pictures from my sketchbook, hopefully there will be more to come soon, I have a few things under my sleeve, just need the time to do it!
OH and I met Hugh Grant today, I am still shaking inside, what a lovely man.

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christopher west said...

what an unusually ugly/ creepy guy! :P

nice butt flame