Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When the sun reaches my sister

Hi, I finally finished the painting for Christopher, I am pretty happy with how it turned out, it was a very slow process though. He thought the face was too scary at first and wanted me to change it but he started to actually fall in love with it and no longer wants me to, so yay. I don't see her as scary. I am now finishing up a painting of Ginny, hopefully it turns out alright.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Very very attractive painting. I see the darkness he talks about on the left side of her face, brings a feeling of sadness to the painting. Beautiful interpretation of Mucha's style.

Thank you for sharing the process. I enjoyed seeing the sketches that lead up to this finished piece.


Watts said...

Looks awesome!

Sandra Lucia said...

:) miss you!! nice piece!!

McLean Kendree said...

Sorry about those last 4 posts, it kept logging me in an "anonymous." Anyway, you should totally upload some new things! You would be the coolest!