Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hiiii all,

It has in fact been a while. I have a good excuse I swear. Recently I have gone through a bit of a career change...maybe not a change, but a detour. While I have indeed been working on a commission for a beautiful friend and author, who shares my (almost) exact name, Larissa Nicole Niec. (, I have also been polishing my makeup skills.

I decided since I am working at a salon and am undoubtedly obsessed with beauty and fashion, that I would take a step in that direction. It will certainly be more financially promising at this point and it is something I really do enjoy. I will begin a makeup course in Albuquerque at the end of July for 5 weeks and hope to come out of there with a fabulous portfolio and polished skills. I will later on take the special effects makeup course. This is not the end of Illustration for me, just a new adventure that will eventually support my painting.

I hope that imagery of befores and afters of my clients are entertaining enough for whoever follows my art blog. I will still throw in paintings periodically, I promise. Soon I will have an image for Larissa Niec, inspired by her awesome book Shorn. Hopefully I will create imagery for the rest of her series too. You guys should read the awesome first book from the Sky Seekers series.

Here are the lovely brides, Susanna and Denise.

Be well


Sandra Lucia said...

Well done!! They look beautiful!!

bizia said...

Very pretty. Can I be next?

Lizardscruff said...

keep drawing and painting though. You are amazing!